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I finally had a weekend off and decided to wake up early Saturday morning to spend the whole day with my son. Maybe we would go to the beach. Perhaps a movie, none the less it was a perfect day to have off! Around 9:30am I was on my computer checking emails, playing on Facebook while my son (Orion) was getting ready. I had been following a thread on Facebook about a female pit who just had babies due to be euthanized at the Carson Shelter Animal Control. Orion and I read the message that it was her last day and no one was adopting her. Over my shoulder Orion belts "Let's get her mom! I don't want her to die!" Well darn-it, I have 3 dogs already and just enough cash in my pocket to enjoy the weekend. But Orion was right. We couldn't let her die in the shelter. I felt suddenly angry about the idea that this dog was dropped like trash, like second hand goods into a shelter!

I am a proud woman, a single mother and I hate the idea of a lady being abandoned like trash. Used then ditched! In this situation she is a dog but either way still a momma, dog or not! So OK I am not rich and I have enough on my plate as it is but I know the blessing of being around caring people and being a caring person myself. And Orion has been wanting to volunteer and do his part for society already at his young age of 7. That's when I realized this is an opportunity for all of us: Myself, Orion, and this abandoned dog I've never met but had a good feeling about. So I contacted PetConnect.Us to find out if she was still at the shelter. Of course she was still there. Before I knew it an hour later Orion and I were on the road for our 40 mile drive to the shelter to rescue this Momma!

I knew this was going to take some time and cost some money. I only had $170.00 in my pocket. It was either go out to fine dine and have fun or rescue this dog. It came down to Orion's decision. "Mom, I want to spend the money on the dog. I will give up my birthday money to help her. You don't have to throw me a birthday party. I just want to rescue this dog." Well, geeze golly if I am not a proud mom!

We ended up rescuing Momma as they called her and just in the nick of time. I usually hate the site of shelters. This was not a fun shelter to visit. It felt cold and deathly. So many unhappy faces on all those dogs! And poor Momma, well she was sick. Matter of fact a lot of dogs there were sick! There was a lady there by the name Audra who has been visiting Momma for a while trying to find her a rescuer. She was happy we came to get her. Audra was amazing and full of information to help us. She lead us to a vet who would examine her for free. The vet was in Santa Monica an we have already spent a few hours at the shelter of death! We spent another hour at the vet to find out this momma pit is 2 1/2 years old; has pneumonia; is super underweight, mastitis; and some skin issues. Oh boy oh boy! I just rescued a contagious sick sweetheart!

I was worried and so was Orion. I payed for the medication and took the 40 mile trip back home: Orion, myself and our new dog. The drive was long enough for me to decide how to quarantine Momma from my other dogs and how to make sure she will be comfortable so she can heal faster. I looked over my shoulder to see Orion laying in the back seat cuddling with Momma. I thought Wow! Who is really benefiting here because I'm feeling pretty good about myself right now. And even more so I am feeling super proud of my son. Did a rescue dog just teach my son about compassion and being giving? Did this scrawny, dirty, coughing dog just help my son grow up a little more? Well the answer is YES! It's almost 2 weeks later and Momma who we call Bones now is running and playing fetch with Orion. My son takes her on walks daily. He runs straight to Bones when we get home from school to give her a huge HUG! So I missed a weekend off. Who cares, I'll get more of  those later. Meanwhile I am enjoying watching my son grow up with compassion as he plays with his now 4 dogs!



You can't train an old dog new tricks is probably cliche to many, but the reality is you don't have to train old(er) dogs. They come "Pre-trained" and have many qualities you won't find in younger pets.

Recently, for the New Year, I adopted a 10 year old Sheltie Mix from the LA East Valley Animal shelter. It was by pure coincidence and a happy accident that I found his PetConnect.Us listing in the first place. I was looking for a totally different dog - in a totally different place but must have fat fingered right on to Cuz's listing.

Cuz's person had died and he was at the shelter 2 months. The first of which he was kept as property due to his original owners death and legal technicalities.


Anyway, skip ahead a few weeks, and I was lucky enough to bring Cuz home with me. I have two other dogs; both rescues - and they warmly welcomed their new older brother.

Cuz has better manners than my original 2 dogs (Don't tell them that) - and is gentle, calming and has wasted no time in making himself at home. He has a favorite chair - and at night sleeps in the bedroom with me and his "siblings". Cuz was given an "A" at the groomers' where he was bathed and pampered. He is now even more handsome than before.

One of the most rewarding things about this whole adventure was during the first week Cuz was here, he would pause while going out into the yard and stare and take in the fact that he, once again, has a REAL yard and a real home. It's really gratifying to know that Cuz is safe and loved.


After 16 years of living with her "family", this little girl found herself dumped at a high kill shelter - Jazzie was confused & scared. Three days before Christmas, my sister and I saw her picture on PetConnect.Us. Then a person in Florida and another family in San Francisco said they would take her. My sister and I were just planning to foster her until we could figure out how to get her to Florida or San Francisco. After we rescued her, we realized she had numerous mammary tumors. The vet is certain the tumors are cancerous. We decided Jazzie already found her forever home with us. Although her prognosis is uncertain and we aren't sure how long she will be with us, we are extremely blessed to have this special soul with us. We love Jazzie dearly. Thank you, PetConnect.Us




I recently rescued Tahoe, a 7 year old male Australian Shepherd, after seeing him on PetConnect.Us. Upon arriving home Tahoe started showing his true self, a sweet, eager to please, gentle guy who wants nothing more than love and attention. He has been home with us for about a week know and has found himself in love with my 6-year-old female Aussie, where one goes they both go. He has been a great addition to our family, we couldn't ask for much more than a little space on the bed from this guy (:

I adopted Roxy! We have been so busy that I haven't had a moment to email you.

She is adjusting so well and her big brother Rusty loves her. Those two look identical and he's teaching her many new things. She was terrified of the elevator in my apartment building, refused to step inside it. Rusty went in and out of the elevator about 6 times in a row to show her it's safe, he's a smart boy. She decided it was safe based on Rusty’s coaxing, now on day 2 she is happy to get in the elevator for her walks.

She is getting a lot of love and affection and couldn't be happier. With her fancy new collar and harness and her lovable personality, you would never know she's a rescue. Everyone has been asking "what breed are your dogs?" They assume Rusty and Roxy are brother and sister and a unique breed they haven't seen before. It's hysterical.

I love her dearly and she is super happy. Thank you for bringing her into my life!



I wanted to give you an update on one of the dogs you helped get to safety and in good hands with us. We call her "Mercy" and I attached the original picture of her (in the shelter) as you just might remember. The second picture is her now. 

She is such a wonderful dog and even though she had clear signs of physical abuse when we got her, she has dramatically and positively improved! She is loving people and trusting again. She is a gorgeous gal and we are SO thankful you helped us rescue her.....she deserves a warm, loving family of her own. 

We are so very grateful for what you do and know that it is truly, greatly appreciated!


From the rescuer:
About three weeks ago I met the sweetest dog in the shelter. She had only been there for a week or so, so I wasn't too worried about her finding a good home because she had a wonderful temperament and a very unique look to her. But time went on and she was still there, waiting. I began networking her to see if I could find someone to adopt her or foster her through the rescue I work with, but still no luck.


When I posted her on the page, Julie contacted me and helped me expand my search, and pretty soon I had a competent foster! I bailed her out of the shelter after she had been there for over a month, and she is now living with her temporary foster family while she is up for adoption. I couldn't have done it without petconnect!

From the foster:
Everything is going great. April has warmed up to people and loves to be near someone since she's been alone for so long. She's very mild tempered and pleasant to be around and isn't disturbed by other local dogs. She gets along great with our other dog, but we for sure have to keep her away from our cat as she's just dying to chase him, haha.



I saw Clovis (formerly Jordan) on PetConnect.Us' Facebook.  He is beautiful.  Clovis is a wonderful addition to our family.  As soon as we brought him home, Clovis explored the house and he even slept on the bed with us too. Thank you so much for your service. 


We were not looking for a new dog. We already have 2 dogs, 2 cats and two boys, a home daycare business, leopard gecko and 2 turtles. I could not, however, let this beautiful 10 month old flat coated retriever be put to sleep!  So, I drove 4 hours down to the Downey Shelter in Los Angeles to save Buster and welcome him into our family!

This has been a blessing for all of us! He fits right in with our crazy lifestyle and brings much needed youthful exuberance to our home. We love him dearly and are so grateful to for posting him on their website. He has only been with us for 1 week, but I can't imagine life without him. Here is a picture of Buster snuggling with Samuel, our 11 year old son.




After the loss of our beloved Missy our family had a gap in it. Our remaining dogs were too far apart in size to play with one another. I searched and searched and finally came across an adorable rescue.  I contacted PetConnect.Us regarding the status of the dog, but she had already been adopted. While I was glad she was saved, I still needed to find my own new doggie. I was surprised when PetConnect.Us offered to send me listings of similar dogs! The first listing I was sent was very similar to the dog I missed out on.  I went to visit her and she had been spayed just that day and was ready to take home!

I couldn't believe this gentle, sweet and smart little girl had been in the shelter so long and was close to being destroyed! I took home "Abby" that same day. While Abby can never take the place of my neurotically unique Missy, she is definitely helping us heal and getting our family back to normal.


I adopted Kirby, the Cocker Spaniel from the Harbor Shelter yesterday. The shelter told us it was his last day yesterday. We are lucky to have him with us. We will take him to see the vet this morning. Thanks for your posting so that we were aware such cutie dog was in the shelter.




My husband and I were ready to settle down and get a dog, and were looking in particular for a cattle dog, but did not want to go through a breeder. PetConnect and DeAnn from DAWG in Santa Barbara worked hard to connect us with Shio, a cattle dog mix that was in urgent need of being rescued. We brought him home the same day and haven’t looked back since. He has made our family complete and we look forward to the next 15 years with him!


Our new friend - Stephanie put many pictures up of "Max." He was on schedule to pass away from a high-kill shelter in Lancaster/Palmdale, Ca, but due to all the great efforts of Pet Connect Us, Pam and Stephanie, we now have a bundle of joy.

It was worth the drive and we now have a great new addition in the family. The dog is basically perfect!

:)Vanessa and family.




My family had a hard month when our nearly16-year-old Dobie mix died. That left us with our small, old terrier mix, Pedro. He’d never been a solo dog so it wasn’t long (maybe 3 days) before we realized Pedro needed a companion. I checked out the website and found a chocolate lab at a shelter.

When I visited the shelter the lab was far too big and active for our little terrier. Because it was a high-kill shelter I felt strongly that we had to adopt that day from that facility. They brought out a wonderful dog I call a Blab, a mix between a Basset Hound and a Black Lab. We adopted her that minute and feel like we won the shelter dog lotto! She makes us laugh all the time and has fit into our family perfectly. By the way, the Chocolate Lab was taken by a Lab Rescue person minutes after I decided I couldn’t adopt him. Two lives saved.


What can I say about Lacey? She’s an awesome yellow Lab I adopted. She’s 5 years old and sweet, affectionate, fun, playful, quiet and seems like she’s been with me her whole life. I love her and I am so happy. I wasn’t sure about adopting an older dog, but it’s so rewarding and special. You should try it!




While I was checking out rescues for the website, I happened to click on a link for Glendale Humane Society. While browsing their available dogs I saw the sweetest face. I was in the market for another dog so I went to the rescue and I met Jefferson. He’s now a beloved part of our family and the (dog) face of


A friend adopted a pregnant cat from the shelter and I was lucky enough to get one of the kittens. Phil is an awesome cat who likes to act like a dog by begging for treats and jumping on my leg. He makes me very happy.






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