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This category is the portal to multiple avenues of finding your perfect pet...

Shelter Animals for Adoption
Searches local Animal Services database of animals for adoption.

We Need a Home - Classified Ads
A local classified ads section of available pets with viewer submitted content.

Contact a Local Animal Rescue
An extensive, organized listing by species of local animal rescues.

Contact a Local Animal Shelter
Listings of City, County, and other Shelters & Agencies with available Pets.

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  • Animal Boarding & Day Care
  • Aquarium Services & Supplies
  • Carpet Cleaning & Poop Clean Up
  • Dog Training & Animal Behavior
  • Dog Walkers
  • Grooming & Mobile Grooming
  • Pet Clothing & Accessories
  • Pet Food & Treats
  • Pet Furniture
  • Pet Health & Medical Supplies
  • Pet Insurance
  • Pet Memorial Services
  • Pet Photography & Art
  • Pet Sitters
  • Pet Stores
  • Veterinarians & Mobile Veterinarians

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Emergency Veterinary Services

Aid and Emergency Organizations

Low Cost or Free
Spay/Neuter Services

Low Cost or Free
Veterinary Services

Emergency Fund Articles & Tips Video Pet Tips

Your contribution will go toward:

  • providing both minor and major medical care
  • preventing euthanasia by putting teams together to save animals that need immediate extraction from shelters. PetConnect Us will act as the hub of many networks of volunteers, and provide the funds to conduct these rescues.
  • relocation and transportation to fosters for emergency housing

Helpful and informative articles that include topics such as:

Viewers are invited to share their personal pet stories via the
Submit a Story

Visual lessons teaching health care basics for your pet.




Also, see:

Educational Programs

Interactive media addressing pet health issues.

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