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Leslie Moore started drawing animals when she could first wield a crayon. She switched to pen and ink in 1990 and has been doing commissioned pet portraits ever since. She draws from photographs and strives to capture not only the physical likeness of her subjects but their very hearts and souls as well.

Finished portraits are double-matted in white on black and protected in a clear plastic envelope. You must provide the frame. Also included, at no extra charge, is a set of ten greeting cards with your pet's image on the front and his or her name on the back.



Leslie sells her own line of greeting cards and calendars as well.

In 1994 Leslie worked as a volunteer at Overlook Farm in Rutland, Massachusetts, the Northeast Learning and Livestock Center for Heifer Project International. She drew a series of farm animals for a 1995 Overlook Farm Calendar and she's still drawing farm animals.

In 2008 Leslie discovered woodblock print making and is now carving animals as well as drawing them.

Please visit Leslie's website,, for more examples of her work, prices, and procedures.

You may also visit her blog,, to see her most recent creations.




Pen Pets
P.O. Box 11
Brooksville, ME 04617


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