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PetConnect.Us is devoted to connecting pets with loving and responsible homes, providing information and resources that will enhance the lives of both people and animals, being a virtual community center for pet owners everywhere, and a forum for people to exchange information and connect with other nearby animal lovers. Long term goals include a foundation that will fund low-cost, state-of-the-art veterinary clinics across the country and a sanctuary for homeless animals.

PetConnect.Us was conceived in spring, 2008, during my quest to adopt a dog. After searching countless websites and looking into the faces of so many dogs that needed homes, it became my mission to find families for all the homeless animals. I came up with a place people can go online when they want to welcome a new animal into their lives. Thus, PetConnect.Us was born.

PetConnect.Us covers Southern California. Viewers can search in their areas for shelters, rescues (including wildlife), and all types of pet services and supplies. We have articles, training advice, success stories, a calendar of local events, and lists of aid and emergency providers.

It is our goal, our mission, and our pleasure to aid in the placement into loving homes of as many pets as possible. We won’t stop there. We will continue to help new pet families navigate the fun and exciting world of living with a companion animal by providing links to local animal services and supplies, training tips, and veterinarian advice.

In December 2011, PetConnect.Us became a 501(c)3 charitable organization (Federal ID #45-1425334). Our dream is to start a foundation that will fund low-cost, state-of-the-art veterinary clinics where no one gets turned away because of inability to pay. We hope to open a sanctuary to take in, rehabilitate, and re-home animals in need.

PetConnect.Us is informative, helpful, user-friendly, efficient, fun, and has cute animal pictures.

Julie Lynn



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